Angel's Nest Labradorite Cuff Limited Edition 1 *SOLD*


  • Angel's Nest Labradorite Cuff
  • Angel's Nest Labradorite Cuff Side
  • Angel's Nest Labradorite Cuff Measurements
  • Angel's Nest Labradorite Cuff Measurements
  • Angel's Nest Labradorite Cuff Limited Edition 1 *SOLD*
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  • Overview

    The timeless elegance of this Angel's Nest collection has a romantic adventurous nature. The twists and twirls of light are captured within these Angelic forms nestled amongst the structure of a bird’s nest. Embedded in the heart of this piece is a Labradorite crystal.

    Labradorite is a beautiful crystal that appears grey-blue on the surface, reflecting a composition of many aggregate layers that refract light as deep iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green and fiery orange.

    This mesmeric Labradorite gemstone evokes a legend of an Inuit warrior wondering along the coast of the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. Upon seeing the Northern lights trapped amongst the rocks along the shore, with his mighty spear he freed the lights, many of the lights are still trapped within the stone today.

    Properties of Labradorite
    Transformation, protection, enhancing intellectual and intuitive abilities.

    Designed and handmade in London.

  • Details

    This cuff is adjustable to fit wrist size circumference of 16.5-17.7 cm (6.5-7.0").

    Cuff Circumference Sizes:
    Small: 185 mm (7.29")
    Medium: 197 mm (7.79")
    Large: 210 mm (8.29")

    Cuff Height: 55 x 55 mm (2.16 x 2.16")
    Stone: 30 x 25 mm (1.18 x 0.98")

    Photograph of actual item. Available now for next day UK delivery 1-2 working days.

    Embelishment: Labradorite

    Metal: Bronze

    If you have any questions please get in touch.

    Designed and handmade in London.

  • Metals

    Available in the following metals: Bronze.


    - Bronze £220

    For more information see our: Metal Guide

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