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  • Overview

    Pearls have always been highly treasured as gemstones of the sea for millennia by many cultures and countries around the world.

    Every pearl begins life as a particle of grit in a sea shell or freshwater mollusk. The mollusk's defence mechanism coats the particle with nacre, or mother of pearl which thickens over time to form a pearl.

    Pearls are one of the birthstones if you were born in the month of June. The word "Pearl" comes from the French word "Perle" which means Led. This refers to the leg shape of a mollusk shell.

    We really love the warm luminous lustre of these freshwater pearls. We're going for classic with a twist edge with our Twiglet Pearl bracelet in this subtle shade of pink.

    Wisdom, purity, protection, wealth, inner confidence and serenity.

    Photograph of actual item. Available now for next day UK delivery 1-2 working days.

    Gemstone: Freshwater pearl pink

    Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

    Designed and handmade in London.

  • Details

    This bracelet is adjustable to fit wrist size circumference of 17.29-19.7 cm (7.29-7.79") Small to Medium.

    Bracelet Circumference Sizes:
    Small: 185 mm (7.29")
    Medium: 197 mm (7.79")
    Large: 210 mm (8.29")

    Bracelet Height: 2-3 mm (0.07-0.11")
    Pearl: 8 x 5 mm (0.31 x 0.19")

    Photograph of actual item. Available now for next day UK delivery 1-2 working days.

    Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

    If you have any questions please get in touch.

  • Metals

    Available in the following metals: 925 Sterling Silver.


    - Silver £120

    For more information see our: Metal Guide

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